White Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the most popular shopping days of the year. They provide tremendous opportunities for businesses to maximize sales and raise awareness of their products and services. Here are a few points to think about as you get ready for White Friday & Cyber Monday in 2021.

Understanding White Friday / Cyber Monday Google Search Trends in the Region

During the holiday season, many businesses will start spending a quite of money on advertising promoting their deals. Even though it is certainly an effective way to share your deals with your customers, the result is not always as anticipated, and it depends on the platform you’re using. We recommend the below:

  • Anticipating your potential customer’s search queries based on the trends is the easiest option. Based on that, your products will be the first thing they see, and you will get organic traffic to your website.
  • Implement a few basic search engine optimization (SEO) practices that will attract people’s attention in order for your website to appear at the top of a search engine result page.

Keyword Research for WF/CM

Doing thorough research on the best keywords to use is a vital step that will make or break your campaign. Your main focus will be on the keywords related to White Friday and Cyber Monday while being attentive to:

  • Search Volume: This will tell you about the demand on what people are searching for that particular keyword. Ideally, the higher the volume, the bigger the audience you will reach.
  • Keyword Difficulty: knowing the score of a keyword is important since it helps you understand how hard it would be to rank for a particular search query. The lower the score, the easier it is to rank for that keyword and vice versa.
  • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) details: This will show you which types of links are performing the best, and the types of content your target audience is clicking on.
  • Your Competition: Pay attention to other business practices is fundamental in order to rank where they are ranking or better. These practices such as: which pages are ranking for the keyword, how the content on that page is structured, and how many backlinks their website has.

Use The Researched Keywords For WF/CM To Boost Sales and Traffic

After you have done your research on the best keywords to use and how your competitors are doing, the next step is to use these keywords to the below key areas since that’s what Google favors:

  • Page Title:

  • Alt-Tags on Images
  • Heading
  • URLs and Links

Strengthen your Links for White Friday / Cyber Monday and Make Them Shareable

Backlinks are simply links to your website from other websites. The best way to get backlinks is to let your audience share your content repeatedly across the internet. The more exciting your content and offer are, the more attraction it will gain, thus more share.

Use Dedicated Hashtags on Social Media

Based on the latest hashtag update on Instagram in October, it’s recommended to use up to 5/8 hashtags instead of the strict limit of 30 hashtags per post as we used to know. Don’t worry, hashtags are still important but the reason behind the announcement is to avoid making your post look too stuffy and spammy. The idea is to get to encourage you to use meaningful & hashtags related. Thus, stick to using hashtags related to your post.

Take Advantage of Reels 

As we all know Instagram algorithm is currently favoring reels over images. In order to push your account to reach more people and ideally new potential customers, creating high-quality, engaging, and entertaining reels will help your brand noticeably.


Planning ahead is always the best practice to avoid feeling overwhelmed during that time of the year. Pick one or two of the tips mentioned above to start with, then keep building from there. The results will speak for themselves and you will feel inspired to keep going.

Do you have any methods that help during White Friday & Cyber Friday that works really well for you? Reach out on Instagram and let us know!